Busted: Julian Jansen, Fake African Reporter Exposed

A journalist, Mr. Julian Jansen from Rapport, faked his name and posed as a reporter for the same news paper in South Africa, under a cover name as Roy Johnson, who uses a Skype name as roy.johnson98.

After an official media investigation, it turned out that the official name of the South African journalist is Julian Jansen, using the email of Julian.Jansen@rapport.co.za whilst working for the Rapport in South Africa.

The question is why would Mr. Julian Jansen, if he is an official ethical journalist, have to fake his own online ID?
It turns out that his agenda might not be so noble at all, as records indicated he was linked to the Democratic Party, the District Attorney and Dan Plato of South Africa (Democrat Minister of Community Safety) in the past.

Julian Jansen is connected to a 2016 scandal regarding a property valued at over $1 million that was sold at an auction by Standard Bank, without any reserve, whilst the bank loan that needed to be recovered from that property owner was about $250.000. A case is currently under investigation against the bank for possible corruption.

One can’t help but to wonder what was the interest and the purpose of Mr. Julian Jansen from Rapport, better known as Mr. Roy Johnson, of such online representation.

According to factual testimonies verified by the South African Police, it seems that the home owner was approached by two bank officials in a fraudulent attempt to bond his house whilst it was already fully paid. The two bankers of Standard Bank Private Clients Claremont Division had the sole purpose to convince the owner to bond his house, and to invest in a property scam set up by them.

Presented evidence strongly indicates that there is underground corruption that happened with the intention to rip-off the owner of his property and financial investments by bringing him into debt with Standard Bank Cape Town South Africa Private Clients Claremont.

At that time, Julian Jansen published an article in the Rapport, in which he stated: “Ros Linstrom, a spokesman for Standard Bank, said the bank has acted at all times within its legal rights and the rules of the court”. However, official evidence shows that the bank was not ethical in fact, as a letter presented by the home owner shows that the bank closed all his accounts and also refers to closing his complaints.

The statement made by Standard Bank representative Linstrom on the July 24, 2016, published by Mr. Julian Jansen posing under a fake name as Roy Johnson, said the bank has not received any formal complaints about his staff and denied any allegations.

Presented official certified emails and the letter written by the bank’s management indicates the contrary. More importantly, Standard Bank covered up a corruption deal that involved a property development program in Burgundy, Cape Town managed by the private clients branch of Claremont.

Foreign investors have long been the target of financial pray in South Africa and it’s not the first time that Standard Bank was approaching investors to Southern Africa to bond fully paid properties to make business with the client. Besides the fact that this is illegal, foreign investors are strongly advised not to proceed with investments with banks that have a record of financial corruption.

The case is under the attention of the Criminal Investigations Division for further international investigation into the corruption and possible threat to international investors to South Africa.

Research indicated that the reporter mentioned in this article is not registered with the International Federation of Journalists.

November 1, 2017

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