24th March – The day of unsettling simplicity


The natives of 24th March are spontaneous, direct and in general prefer a life as simple as possible. When they are confronted with problems in the job or personal life, they have the tendency to make simple choices and avoid confusion, as much as possible. However fate seems to provide them with recurring complex situations which they have to confront. In this case, finding a simple way of approaching can become a rather difficult task.

The natives March 24th have a childish air. Their natural behaviour and receptivity are usually noticed at the first meeting. Nevertheless, there are also extreme cases in which the natives can let themselves be caught in severe depressions. Indeed, the majority of those born in this day are followed by certain sadness along their entire life. They can and have to learn to overtake this sadness, amplifying also the states of happiness, joy and good disposition.

 Usually, the natives of 24th March have a calm behaviour. Rarely do they talk just for the love of talking. Instead they prefer to express themselves in love, through a hobby or in a sporting activity. They can be good life partners and collaborators. Additionally, the natives from 24 March are usually extremely appreciated for their ability to reach stable results in a modest manner.

 Modesty is a fine attribute of the natives of 24th March. Those born in this day can be lonely, sometimes even shy; however it would be a big mistake for others to consider them passive or superficial.

For example, in facing opposition or direct attack, they demonstrate a remarkable strength and rarely do they pull back. In family life, the natives insist things are done in a harmonious way, if it is possible. They become vulnerable when pressure is exercised upon them for a longer period of time. This can exhaust them in the end and can undermine in a threatening way their positive conceptions.

 Because of their multiple qualities – affection, loyalty, and spontaneity – it can be difficult for friends and family to understand why the natives of 24th March fall so often in the trap of their difficult situations. One reason would be that the optimistic expectations and receptivity of those born in this day can prevent them from approaching life with a realistic attitude. Thus the natives of 24th March need to learn to be more methodical and less of a dreamer in confronting daily problems, also tempering the direct childish attitude with a healthy dose of caution, vigilance and care.
ADVICE: Maintain your equilibrium in life and protect yourself against attracting problems. Deal also with minor things with care and patience. There are details that deserve your attention.
STRONG POINTS: Positive, Open, Affectionate
WEAK POINTS: Inaccurate, Depressive, Unreal

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March 2007  

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