23rd March – The day of curiosity


People born on 23rd March seem to be curious about everything, yet their investigations are usually reduced to essential events, thoughts, feelings and ideas connected to existence. Things about life or death present their biggest interest. Their approach to life is especially scientific. The natives of this day can become man of science; they make constant research and test everything that comes into contact with them.

 The natives of 23rd March will not accept any concept or idea that was not already tested. Also, they will not give advice to others if the concrete facts to make an extremely elevated suggestion are missing. They themselves make determinations connected to life based on their own observations. As a consequence, they are hard to deceive, because the process of making a decision is on solid experience. On the other side, they are attached to their perceptions, accumulated from such experience and they sometimes have the tendency to overestimate them. Those born on this day can be stubborn, they don’t want to renounce a theory, regardless of how much proof is presented against it. Once it is proved that a certain thing is true they have the tendency to cling on to it.

 People born on 23rd March are extremely adaptable and can be friends with people from the most varied social classes. They are not afraid to take risks, but they have to avoid the attraction of gambling. The natives of 23rd March sometimes have the tendency to do things which imply danger. Although usually they are adepts of the more traditional domains, the natives can manifest attraction for situations or strange people that they meet on their road. This thing is purely the projection of their extremely unusual nature that often remains hidden to the world.

 The natives of this day generally manifest interest and love toward children. This does not mean that they are also childish or playful. Their approach towards children is elementary, scientific and less subjective or sentimental.

 Despite everybody’s areas of investigation, the human being remains the principal preoccupation of these natives from 23rd March, especially when it implies their development. Again this interest is in the first place scientific and not a search for heat or comfort. Thus, those born today are busy investigating the needs of others, but remain completely selfish in their personal lives. Also, they can be considered sociable people though they are only curious.
ADVICE: Always keep calm. Cultivate your sensual side. Avoid being didactic and listen to others. Do not be so involved.
STRONG POINTS: Interesting, Versatile, Loving
WEAK POINTS: Exaggeratedly involved, Voyeuristic,

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March 2007

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