29th March – The day of the observer

Natives of 29th March have the tendency to study the field carefully before acting. Eccentrics, even slippery, they are very hard to “catch”. Although, in the moment when they realize that someone is taking them really seriously, they, in their turn, will start to take that person seriously. Natives of 29th March are not the type of people who abandon others. They will apply all that they know to resolve a problem.

Idealism is present in almost all the natives do and, together with this, their belief in their own moral virtues. In the case of less evolved natives, correctness can transform into intolerance and into the tendency to persecute others. The more evolved natives succeed to apply the moral rule “don’t judge more than you are judged”.

Usually, from a quite early age, the natives of 29th March form their own vision about the world, which they keep for their entire life. In the same time, they often realize what their mission in the world is. For them, life is purely the continuation of a personal path, stable, modest, even severe. Although natives of 29th March can excel in all that they do, generally, they are not individualists and do not manifest the need to be appreciated. They can be chosen in positions of responsibility without striving to obtain them. Natives are quite satisfied to do their job without complaining, to find their peace and happiness as part of the family. Those born on this day love comfort and all sort of amusements, but they should not lose themselves in their own world or let themselves be possessed by dark emotional forces.
The more evolved natives of 29th March are trustworthy and loyal, while the less evolved ones can be unfaithful and cruel. The latter have to learn to face out their fears if they wish to progress. The majority of the natives of 29th March are excellent friends, associates and  life partners. Due to their multiple qualities others will easily accept their more difficult aspects of their nature.
Those born in this day can laugh easily at themselves and they see life’s ironies very clearly. They are fine observers and rarely miss something. Conscious of other’s phobias and flaws they attentively notice their own nature too.

Even if they live far from their birthplace, the natives of 29th March will never forget their roots. Sentimental, many of them live in one place their entire lives, gathering memories, old friends and associates.
ADVICE: Do not impose on others your own system of faith. Guard against rousing antagonisms. Strive more to accomplish what you have proposed. Do not neglect the difficulties of your own character. They can hold you down.
STRONG POINTS: Idealist, funny, loyal
WEAK POINTS: Stubborn, lack of ambition, distant


March 2007


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