5th April – The day of consistency

Those born on 5th April have the capacity to manage in life; they are endowed with tenacity and are very consistent. In the majority of cases, they practice a single profession, guided by a sure set of principles and follow their correct course of life. Being endowed with real qualities, they frequently manage to manifest themselves harmoniously, without boasting, becoming vain or proud. Although seeming to be in control of themselves, they have great need to develop self-control and not to be excessively indulgent with themselves.

Those born today allow themselves to be easily deceived by appearances. They need to learn to approach serious problems and to analyse them in depth. Those born on 5th April are keen to be appreciated, but do not depend on it. They persevere in their effort, aspiring to be given attention. No matter what happens around them, they manage to concentrate to fulfil their duty or to keep the situation under control.
Natives of this day often accept close to them people who have inferior natural talents or social position, which can seem paradoxical considering their remarkable qualities, and their sometimes difficult nature. Even when reaching prestigious or powerful social positions, it is very easy for them to play the role of modesty, of the ordinary man. The true personality of the native of this day is hard to guess. As long as they are preoccupied with the role which they play, they assume perfectly the skin of the respective character and will not allow others to discover their true personality.
Those born on 5th April are, usually, long-living, with the condition that they do not choose a profession which can destroy their health. Having a long life, they evolve very well in their professional career, which offers them real satisfaction. The same thing cannot be said about their sentimental relationships, which sometimes prove stormy or marked by unpleasant incidents. Frequently, they are very self-indulgent: they do not see anything wrong in their behaviour – because of this the difficulty to face the dilemmas of a couple relationship, they have to approach it seriously and with transfiguration.
From the sentimental point of view, those born on the day are very difficult to approach, often attracting admirers very easily. They do not like to discuss their sentiments or personal problems. Of course, there is the possibility that some of the natives of this day to have long-term relationships, especially if those who love them realise they have to be very wise and patient with them.
Natives of the 5th April are the type of person who does not wish to assume too many responsibilities. They do not make compromises in their convictions, regardless of the consequences and can have conflict with other because of their direct or frank approach. Money is not a priority for them. Much more important is to have success in putting into practice their plans, which are based on their ideals and noble beliefs. Honesty and integrity are very important in their life. With certainty, they will overtake any impediment to fulfil their ideals, but they sometimes approach it head-on, abruptly, which leads to direct confrontations with those who appear to be their adversaries.

Often, when they are very involved or much attached by a certain activity or idea, the person born on 5th April does not know when to give up. They are not aware of the fact that there exists the possibility that those around them have another point of view or another perspective. Also there is the tendency for some people born today to channel all there efforts towards work and neglect their personal life – such as the family, the sentimental or love life or the spiritual practice. It is essential that they learn to give attention towards their personal life, towards sentiments and their relationships, learn to interiorise, to concern themselves with the affective aspects and especially the spiritual ones. They have to mobilise to perform the transformations which are imposed in their life, even when they perceive this effort as being difficult and hard.
ADVICE: Learn to discover when is the time to give up or retreat. Be more devoted to the lover and cultivate couple relations based upon reciprocal love. Allow yourself to see things from the point of view of others. Share with the loved one both happiness and sadness. Do not abuse your health.
STRONG POINTS: Consistent, industrious, prosperous

WEAK POINTS: Nagging, Self-indulgent, emotionless

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April 2007

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