8th April – The day of the humanitarian


The person born on April 8th often manifests humanitarian preoccupations and altruistic sentiments. The welfare of others is very important for them; sometimes, this has an even greater importance than their own welfare. They do not wish to be admired or to be the centre of attention (although they often are). These people especially seek to be the ones which “give voice” to the ideas of their associates, friends, family or fellow citizens. Often, it is possible to manifest, in the same measure, a powerful intolerance. They evaluate and appreciate a social group in comparison with another (usually their group being the standard).
In a paradoxical way, those born on April 8th are very timid, although they have qualities which they can make to shine.
They seem to live in their own universe, even while playing their role on the stage of life. They usually manage to imprint this interesting ambivalence of public and private life on the groups which they belong to. In situations of crisis and stress, those born on April 8th act with calm. Natives of April 8th are people who can be relied on, especially because of the calm and unconditional support they offer in difficult situations. Those around them consider them true saints.
Some of the qualities which most of them, born on April 8th, have can sometimes represent a disadvantage; they have to succeed to eliminate criticism and intolerance. Although there are not some indispensable social reformers, they believe firmly that people should have equal rights. The majority of these people disapprove of injustice, subordination and oppression. Those which have a public or political career involve in action or projects which have the vision of improving life and granting some rights for those from the social strata of the socially disadvantaged.
Regardless of the status which they have, people born on April 8th are extremely critical, but sincere. Criticism and incisiveness manifest especially in the case where they see that people influence excessive or unfair favours (regardless if this influence is manifested in a social or economic plane). When they are confronted by a similar situation, they intervene incisively and efficiently. Those born on April 8th are powerful individuals from all points of view. With all this, they have highs and lows in the evolution of their social plane. These are often determined by events which do not depend on them directly.
Those born on this day are hard to access from the emotional point of view. Often, they seem to suffer from a hidden pain which nobody can understand. Most of these natives do not allow those around them to penetrate in their emotional areas as if they do not want to be “understood”. They channel their primary energy towards the exterior and this tendency creates difficulties for those around them when they want to get close to their heart or to create a personal connection with them. Natives of April 8th consider that giving means more than receiving, so much that it can be difficult for these people to receive something from somebody. They especially refuse emotional help, help they usually consider mercy. In couple relationships their refusal first time can be a wound for the loved one.
People born on April 8th can be compared with stars that shine bright in the firmament, alone and melancholic. They do not seek the adoration of others. Still, they seek to put into practice the aspirations and humanitarian values to the advantage of everyone around them and thus win by right their admiration. Their road to success can be great and only rarely is it motivated by selfishness. When they seek to hold power, in family or social life, their interest is usually to obtain certain success. Not even in this respect they are selfish: from their point of view, this success is a common success.
ADVICE: Be more tolerant, but guard against condescending. Open your heart before those around you and especially the loved one. Learn to receive, no just give. Take into account your needs, not just the needs of others. Do not make excessive sacrifices and gratuities which you could regret later. Grant more time to practicing meditation.
STRONG POINTS: Ethical, generous, responsible from the social point of view.
WEAK POINTS: Intolerant, radical, introverted.
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April 2007

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