Aphorisms (1)

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru

1. The old is and remains the past’s beloved child. The new that has not yet occurred will be the future’s child, but for some people it already exists. The wise and deeply beneficial choice is the present’s privileged and super-lucky child.

2. In our inner universe, both the body, together with the invisible bodies and the subtle layers were offered to us by God the Father as gifts, for wisely using them all the time, in order to attain the Supreme Self-Realization or, in other words, the State of being in God.  

3. The Immortal Supreme Self (ATMAN) should never be the subject of vain speculations or endless intellectual or philosophical discussions. When the Immortal Supreme Self (ATMAN) is revealed, it causes an ineffable and mainly transcendent state, which is never necessary to have a certain appearance, since thus it actually reveals us the Supreme Reality.

4. Exciting truths that are full of mysteries only for us reveal themselves to us when we totally and unconditionally give ourselves to God the Father and thus we ineffably experience His embrace. None of all these unveil to us when, on a daily basis, we nurture our egos with a lot of vain ephemeral illusions and desires. 
5. There are situations when it becomes possible for us to joyfully discover that the state of freedom starts where so far it never started, just because so far we did not dare to carry out deeply beneficial actions.

6. As soon as the ego ceases to permanently play hide-and-seek with us and to mask almost always both our soul and the Immortal Supreme Self (ATMAN), only then we are able to have the intuition of who we really are, in the ultimate, divine essence of our being.

7. The one who is strong in evil, proud and selfish, most often easily manipulates the one who is weak (in spirit), credulous and ignorant. This occurs because most of the time, the one who is weak (in spirit), credulous and ignorant listens almost always to the one who is strong in evil, proud and selfish. In such situations, the one who has already attained the wisdom contemplates all these with detachment and compassion and smiles enigmatically. 
8. For the rare human beings who permanently have a tremendous occult beneficial energy, to euphorically plunge into deep yogi meditation states is similar with a fulfilling lovemaking done with transfiguration, continence and unconditional consecration of its fruits. In the case of such human beings, they enable the MICROCOSMS of their beings to be pervaded in an ample and indescribable way by the MACROCOSM, and then their expanded universe pervades and embraces the MACROCOSM, by the means of blissful states of happiness without object that occur in this way.    

9. There are numerous situations in life when the consciousness sows and the body reaps the fruits and, without any doubt, there are many other situations in life when the body sows and then the consciousness reaps the fruits. 

10. Generally speaking, the women are mainly YIN (-) human beings, while the men are mainly YANG (+) human beings. When a man and a woman love each other and make love with transfiguration, consecration of the fruits and continence, they become ONE in the moments of erotic bliss; at the same time, this results in awakening the GLORIOUS ANDROGYNAL STATE in their inner universe.
11. If we globally consider the MICROCOSM of our being, we may say that most often we are offered two alternatives, since two gates exist in the MICROCOSM of our being, that God the Father gave us: one of these gates opens and at the same times opens us towards The Full High. This mysterious gate is SAHASRARA. The other gate opens and at the same time opens us towards what is Below. In our inner universe this mysterious gate is MULADHARA CHAKRA.

12. If you do a lot of good to intelligent and full of common sense human beings, you may be sure that they will never forget this. If you do well to bad human beings, you shall receive in turn from them a lot of unfair and unjustified criticism and many insults. In this way, it becomes possible for us to realize whom we really dealt with.

13. When for the moment the character and orientation of a human being are not  yet clear for you, look carefully to their friends, because in this way you shall be able to realise who they really are (beyond appearances).

14. You should never underestimate the destructive, deviating and corrupting power of the stupid and bad people who gather and then act in group.

15. No one will achieve something good by the association with a bad person, except the experience they gain in this way.

16. If we look back attentively and lucidly, we easily discover that most often the wise and brilliant human beings encountered an irrational, stubborn and violent opposition from the malevolent, larva-like and mediocre human beings.  

17. The malefic friendships are most often the work of the devils that act by such agents that they unceasingly manipulate and make them operate unconsciously in this world, in order to pervert the good and virtuous ones for influencing them to resonate, in an occult way, with the infernal realms. By such insidious and most often unsuspected representatives, Satan intends to affect the good people by various temptations, much more than it could do it by own malefic influence. 

18. The fact that the folklore says „Man is known by his friends” is significant.

19. The wise advice has no effect upon the mad man, like the basalt stone is never affected by cold.

20. If a nice crow bathes in fresh milk day-by-day, one should not be surprised that eventually it still remains black. 

21. Be attentive and never argue with a mad man; when misunderstandings occur, do not continue endlessly the argument with the mad man, because, if you neglect this advice, the danger occurs that the other human beings that witness all these will not be able to notice the difference between you two. 

22. When the human beings full of vanity argue for own selfish victory and not for the truth, they are and remain hidden adepts of the Devil, even when we do not realise this. Given this aspect, when you face such situations it is the best to remain silent, without wasting your time and energy or bringing arguments that will not anyway be taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the nowadays society is full of such human beings. Be attentive, the best way to deal with such persons is to keep yourself away from them, because otherwise you risk being hurt by the madly aberrations circulated by them.

23. The company of a very bad human being is like you would stay in the blacksmith’s atelier. Even if you take good care of your white clothes, they will still be touched by the hundreds of sparks that jump all over the place.

24. The human being can be easily known by the prevalent company that they have with other human beings, as well by the company that they avoid, running, as the Devil from incense, from the wise and beneficially oriented human beings.

25. The folklore says, not at all by accidents, that if, at a given moment, a dove comes to associate with the crows, though its feathers remain white, its heart becomes “black”.

26. GOD THE FATHER always accepts all the humble and gentle human beings, with pure and loving hearts, regardless the language they speak.

27. The obvious firmness of a human being, as well as its exemplary strength of character, are qualities that worth praised.

28. When the previously fertile field comes to be full of thistles, poison herbs or destroyed by various toxic substances, the rain and sun are not useful for it anymore. 

29.  Sometimes the divine and genuine greatness of a pure, loving and authentic human being rises even higher than the angels.

30. The mankind as a whole is and remains the GOD THE FATHER’s daughter, even when we do not realise this.

31. The man of God is like a boundless sea. The man of God rains pearls without being a cloud. The man of God is made to become wiser and wiser with every truth that he has access to. The man of God is not learned only by the study of the books.

32. The human beings who leave their spiritual paths for walking on other fake and delusive paths that they will never be sure about, will never enjoy afterwards the fruits of a genuine spiritual path, because when they engage on such a path of aberrance it becomes practically impossible for them to reap spiritual fruits. Moreover, sometime, when they will realise that they have uselessly wasted their time, they will regret the chance that they have lost and then will grow. 

33. The wise and good-generating words, the words of divinely integrated hopes and harmony of the loving and good-hearted people are also vivid witnesses of their elevated and deeply spiritually transformed beings. 

34. Every clean handkerchief that got in contact with wonderful flowers will emanate a special perfume long time afterwards.

35. A human being animated by good intentions, works hardly for making a superb crystal chalice, while another human being, animated by bad intentions breaks it with a stone, short while after it was finished.

36. If your words do not express a deep sympathy for everything that deserves it, it is much better to remain silent than to say half-witted or uninspired words.

37. The intense and deep sympathy spontaneously manifested for the good ones is and remains the mysterious expression of our good deeds that bore fruits in our inner universe. 

38. In a superficial view, the common cane looks just like the sugar cane at first sight; however, the sweet and delicious juice that exists only in the sugar cane distinguishes it from the other one.

Article from the
The Spiritual Book of the International Yoga Symposium, Costineşti 2009.



Also available in: Română

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