– completion made by the astrologer Felicia Bratu –

– the occidental equal house system was used for this analysis –

– the final writing of this text was made by yoga instructor Nicolae Catrina –

The T-shaped square of the theme, with the 5 planets it interlocks, combined with the Ascendant in Aquarius and Lilith in the first house can also lead to a strong predisposition to revolts of great masses of people, revolts which will have as a starting point the restrictions and financial and material shortcomings.

By studying the theme of the moment of maximum of this year’s solar hiatus we could say that we are in a moment when the Divinity requests imperatively mankind to „restructure” from the roots, for the purpose of a true inner transformation, almost all the principles that structure their lives and which nowadays are unanimously accepted, including the general vision on the material plan. This implies the elaboration of an entire strategy of transformation and not violence. But Lilith in the first house will not facilitate the renouncement to violence. Moreover, it is also possible another manifestation of this aspect: a kind of „dupery” of the people, in the sense that they might not dare to react and take a stand against the abjectness that impregnates more and more our present society.

It is also necessary to consider the way we understood and approached until now the various problems in our lives and what we concretely did afterwards in order to overcome them (these aspects are indicated by the positioning of Mercury retrograde in the 8th house). Functioning in this astral configuration as an unaspected planet, Mercury will cause us to think  clearly, simple and efficiently sometimes, while other times it makes our mind very confuse, these latter moments being those when it is very possible that we lose our temper because of the inner and exterior pressure that we will then feel very acutely.

In the following year it is also possible an overall opening of humanity towards the presence and detached help offered by elevated extraterrestrial beings, but there are also many general fears in this sense. In order to overcome these fears, it is necessary that people renounce completely the prejudice or dogma (to which they still hang on very fiercely) that „we are the only ones to exist in the entire universe”, to make room for a state of perfect inner content and detachment.
The state of detachment and spiritual unity is extremely important in order to surmount rapidly all these tensions that we have enumerated succinctly.



August 2010


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