Effective methods of auric protection

by Cristian Alexandru


• When you need to encounter impure people who have a questionable moral guidance, do you feel tired, stressed, nervous, and tense?
• Do you often find that after you have been stared at by a person with penetrating eyes you feel sick?
• After entering a specific house did you experience sudden sensations of pressure and discomfort, feeling that perhaps that place would reject you?
• Are you often surrounded by a paralyzing, indefinite, unexplained fear while meeting with certain people?
• Do you still feel very receptive or fragile inside during the existential confrontations that you have with others?

If the answer to these questions is affirmative, then surely your mental and psychic condition is not exactly harmonious, and that you need to know what it means and how to realize an AURIC PROTECTION.

The aura of a healthy human being is big, oval in shape, compact, and surrounded by a “net of protection” of bio energetic nature. When this “net of protection” is intact, the person in question is in a permanent state of harmony. Unfortunately, nowadays, more and more people have a “torn”, distorted, affected “aura”. How and in what manner has it got to this state of deterioration?

The “deadly enemy” of our aura is nervousness and anyone can realize this if they take into consideration that, for instance, mean and irritable people manifest in time serious imbalances. The state of discontent and increased impulsivity, as with all the other negative states that we often manifest (fear, hatred, jealousy and revolt), affect the aura from inside, producing “holes” through which may enter at any time the energies or negative thoughts generated by other unconscious human beings, or by disgusting beings from the lower plans of the subtle parallel worlds.

The etheric space is loaded with all sorts of energetic parasites and grey beings who can harm us deliberately. The elementals – so are as these entities are referred to as – prefer sapping on foreign bodies and can even get to dominate the soul of a man who has maintained through his thoughts and actions the permanent link with the lower worlds, ending up by being possessed by them.

The negative entity that begins to dominate the mind and the soul of a person in the physical plan are looking especially for the soul of a drunkard, a rampant man, a sadistic man, a killer, a cheap or a malicious person, because they don’t have any self control, being dominated by their animalic instincts. The elementals also enjoy human suffering and tribulation, feeding themselves on the emanations resulting from his indignation, pain or fear. Any decay makes them rejoice. The alcohol vapors, the horrible smell of smoking, the smell of blood, as well as all human mental tensions are a real feast for them!

People launch, through their negative thoughts, poisonous arrows. This is why, aware of this fact, the millenary yoga teachings warn about the hazard of maintaining lower petty thoughts that “intoxicate” the  space and are outbreaks of psychic and mental epidemics, and also of maintaining selfishness, which adds day by day a killing poison to the sick aura of our planet.

For every emitted thought we have a huge responsibility, because a negative thought generated by a being can be captured metally by someone else who will react irresponsibly, becoming thus a victim to whose suffering we also contributed. We support the idea, without risking to err, that the number of invisible crimes is infinitely greater than the number of bloody murders in the physical world. Out of ignorance, hatred or fear, people launch through their thoughts, poisonous arrows whose power is sometimes very large. We can interfere with them and by doing this  we risk letting ourselves being influenced by them each time we favor, through our disharmonious state, the emergence in our aura of the cracks I mentioned above.

In addition, the poison of hatred and nervousness, of suffering and sadness, of lower passions, “smear” on surrounding objects, on walls of buildings, on personal things. All those who subsequently come into contact with these objects will be affected more or less, depending on the quality and condition of their aura.

Surely all these revelations about the energy field that exists not only around our physical body, but which also accompanies any manifestation of the universe, proves – if it is necessary to say it – that we need to know how we can protect it. It is therefore obvious that we need an auric protection that will help us avoid the interference with these vibrations impregnated in the places where we go.

How to counteract evil psychic energies emitted by someone else over you:

1. In order to be able to counteract a conflict you must answer with LOVE and HUMOUR (showing a state of detachment). By doing so, you will not interfere with the negative energy vibration of the aggressor, but you will be even able to make him realize his ridiculous state, prompting him to change it radically. Many of us have encountered people about which we say: “You cannot argue with her/him.” This shows that the person has a balanced and harmonious psychic structure, which defends him/her of conflicts and aggression from others.

2. The second way requires a much higher inner and mental strength. If you feel that someone deliberately or not absorbs your energy, either by focusing negative thoughts or malefic psychic energies over you, invoke the Bright White Light and send it to that specific person. See how her aura fills with the White Light and visualize how this light manages to annihilate the negative energy manifested upon you.

Choose one of these techniques, and apply it perseveringly, studying its effects. Manifest continuously a benefic state and correct thinking.

The integrity of our aura and our state of well-being can be firstly protected with the help of the beneficial psychic energy. The education and formation of the protective psycho energy will constitute a true healing of humanity. For the beginning, it is necessary for us to emit insistently clean, benefic thoughts, which ensures their penetration of the nervous substance through continuous repetition. Thus any type of resonance with lower energies will be gradually eliminated.

Thinking of Beauty also indicates the way to Truth and it is the most important remedy for many tribulations. Instead of complaining, getting angry, or judging others, it is much better to channel our thoughts towards Beauty, Truth, Justice, Honor, Friendship, Love, etc. These kinds of thoughts are the most resistant and more secure bridge towards the forces of Good in the Universe.

The one who sends joy into the space gets it back thousand fold, the one who sends bitterness gets bitterness in response. An example of suggestion for a correct way of thinking: My mind is purified, powerful and clear. My benefic thoughts always express kindness, happiness, peace, love and beauty.

Be aware of momentary perceptions

The second thing you have to be aware of is that when you realize that someone’s presence does not do you any good, making you feel “infested” or deprived of your own energy, depart at a distance sufficient enough for you not to any longer feel this interference. If the same thing you perceive about a room and if the circumstance allows you, it is better to leave immediately, without regrets.

Autosuggestion with force ideas

A very useful method to achieve subtle protection is autosuggestion with certain force ideas that put us in resonance with the subtle, beneficial and harmonious forces of the Universe. The following statements will be repeated a sufficient number of times to adequately impregnate our subconscious with them. At the end of each series of repeated ideas, we will visualize ourselves as if we look at ourselves from the outside, as detached as possible, receiving those specific states along with the desired beneficial light vibrations. By doing so, we find that the expected accomplishments will not delay to appear. The statements are as follows:

Pure, profoundly beneficial and omnipotent White Light of the divine Consciousness protects me, flooding my being and defending me from everything impure. By its happiness -giving presence inside my being, any evil is neutralized, because I have become invulnerable and invincible, thanks to its Divine Help.

The visualization of a globe of light

Simultaneously or separately from this previously exposed method, we can use the action of a protective field of divine energy. Visualize a globe of bright white light in the center of your chest. Maintain in your mind the image that this light begins to spin, increasing its size. It expands until it fills up your body and flows outside it. As the light expands, all the darkness retreats from in front of it. Increase the sphere of light until it becomes about 50 cm thick around your body. Being as focused as possible, fixate this image for as long as you can. Rerun this visualization for as many times as possible during the day.

Recommendations against radiation

Cell phones, computer monitors, television screens are appliances that through the emitted radiations may disturb the harmony of energies, in particular in the area of the head. To avoid any pain that may arise in this area, we recommend a visualization with the white light – as in the method described above – except that white light globe is visualized at the level of the head, having as a starting point and expansion the central area of the forehead-AJNA CHAKRA.

Protection through precious stones

There are also other methods of purification, protection and exorcism through precious or semi precious stones, and plants. These methods have a special novelty because they were known and used by ancient civilizations. There is nothing magic in their application, just that these methods are based clearly on the phenomenon of resonance established between these rocks or plants and different cosmic focal points of power and energy.

We therefore recommend the wearing of the following gems or crystals (after first having been purified for 7 days in rock salt): onyx, quartz, tourmaline, agate, chrisocol, rock crystal, red jasper, labradorite, rhodonite, sodalite and malachite (which provide protection during pregnancy for pregnant women). It is very important that the rock comes into direct contact with the skin (either on the finger, mounted on a ring, either on the chest, in the case of a pendant).

Ingestion of herbs

In the treatment with plants, we indicate a treatment that is necessary to be achieved for a period of minimum three months, following the method that was described by us in the previous numbers of the magazine (finely grounded herbs and kept under the tongue for 15 minutes, 3-4 times a day, then swallowed with a little mineral water). These are: basil, oak bark, sage, echium (viper’s bugloss) and St. John’s grass.

Body posture which helps us defend from energetic vampirism

The elderly, the sick or people with mental disorders can steal through vampirism energy from the healthy, just like a sponge absorbs water. To avoid this danger, it is necessary that the healthy should not be receptive and, moreover, to focus mentally on their own auras, closing the bio energetic circuits. Here is a body attitude that may help: sitting with our arms crossed and leg over leg

Select your entourage

After a day’s work, most people get home exhausted-physically, psychically and mentally. Some of the harmful energies belong to us; others, such as strange, unexplained tensions or strange thoughts or weird feelings are not our own, but they affect us because we have interacted with other people who are dominated by such impure energies. If we pay close attention, we can detect the persons from which these negative feelings come from and towards which we are open and receptive.

That is why it is essential to select the people in whose presence we feel well and to differentiate them from those who produce negative states in us, especially for those who cannot control their energetic system yet.

Each human being has certain inner problems to face. To load ourselves with the problems of others means ignorance, helplessness, and a compromised health.

Article taken from YOGA MAGAZIN no. 13

22 November 2011


Also available in: Română Français

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