Initiation into beneficial states of trance, a door to the astral heavens

Yogis initiated at Herculane share their experiences (1)

by Monica Dascălu

At the beginning of May, during the International Yoga Symposium at Herculane, there occurred an exceptional initiation, which implies a method of induction of beneficial states of trance and this is a genuine world premiere. Everyone practicing this method is granted free access to the parallel astral worlds and to a large array of surnatural phenomena. The large majority of the yogis have attended the special initiating program into the states of beneficial trance. Inner focus, attention, spiritual effervescence and enthusiasm brimming over in packed house – this is what has made the frame of this exceptional spiritual event. The success of the initiation into the beneficial states of romantic trance is backed by the countless evidence of the participants. We are attempting here a fascinating journey through the mysteries of the beneficial trance, based on the reference of the yogis who had attended the initiation at Herculane.  

A highly efficient initiating method

The initiating method of beneficial trance induction is complex, but entirely natural; the gradual unfolding naturally makes it uncomplicated. Given the original feature of the initiation which secures access to new dimensions of the existence and reality, the theoretic understanding is highly important. Therefore the entire audience who wanted the initiation had to previously listen to the detailed theoretic introduction, which explains the phenomena that may occur together with the technique steps.

But for this theoretic training, it would be difficult to take good advantage of all opportunities granted by beneficial states of trance. “When I got this initiation I had quite a different understanding of the theoretic aspects, which I had the feeling I had understood quite well. The feeling that goes with the direct access to all these things is highly different than the mental understanding. Shouldn’t there be the thorough theoretic presentation, I couldn’t have fully beneficiated this initiation and but for the initiation, I would have hardly understood the theoretic presentation.”

“When I first realized this secret method during the initiation at Herculane, I had the feeling that it was quite complex and it would be utterly difficult for me to repeat it at home, on my own. To my own surprise, when I repeated it, I could joyfully see that the stages would naturally follow up in sequence and they would gradually prepare the state, so that I didn’t meet the slightest problem to do it on my own. Since the initiation at Heculane I have practiced this technique six times and I may say I already got fond of it.” (M.P)

Initiation, a key to success

In order to successfully practice such a technique, it is not enough to access information, but also to get effective initiation from a spiritual guide who he himself successfully practices this spiritual method. The initiation in the beneficial states of trance has been provided in the Symposium at Herculane by YOGA teacher Gregorian Bivolaru. But just like any other esoteric initiation, this is going to become fruitful and efficient only for those who will deepen it by means of the ounce of practice.

“A real spiritual guide is he who by the divine power that floods from God upon him gives us an impulse due to his own example. Therefore he opens to us the door to Paradise and helps us take the first steps beyond the ineffable door of spiritual knowledge. Each genuine initiation that a spiritual guide grants for us means a miraculous beginning that can urge us to a new and flat superiour level of spiritual evolution, which may incredibly transform our general perspective upon reality.  It is always up to the aspirant who becomes initiated to evince perseverance and tenacity to keep the superiour level he had been urged to through the huge subtle beneficial energy and through the mysterious power of the example set by his own spiritual master. If the aspirant stays at the new stage he had been propelled to, this always shows that the initiation has been successful.”– Gregorian Bivolaru, Wise advice for those who embraced the way of the divine good

The secret doors of the astral heavens are open to thousands of people

“Since the very first stages of the technique I felt quite an easy access to the astral parallel realms. It seemed to be a whole miraculous kaleidoscope of realms and beauties spinning in front of me and all I had to do was open my inner being in order to meet them. It was some sort of fascinating gradual sliding to new spaces, realms, dimensions. These realities would seem utterly profuse to me, full of unutterable beauty. ” (E.D.)

“I started to feel the first manifestations of the state of trance since the preliminaries, when I experienced some enhanced states that propelled me into some astral parallel worlds. I could perceive some images that featured the states I could feel deeper and deeper. That was quite a vivid and plain state, peculiar to my way of being. Then during the next stages, as Grieg was describing what was going on during such stages, I could even recognize his sheer description the way I started to see the emergence of some realms. For instance, there first appeared a view with a mountain lake and high mountains, and I was being led there by a state of particular peace, a need of depth, of purity. First there would emerge the state and then the astral projection in the subtle world corresponding to the state I lived. Then there also appeared other images, I was urged into other worlds relied to the emotions I could feel, such as love and which I could somehow retrieve in those worlds, enlivened in vivid extraordinary colours. All the shapes and moves in those realms exceeded the ordinary imagination, the way we normally try to figure out, not to say the way we live things in this physical world. Everything was amazing, in terms of movement, shape, way of unfolding. At a moment there was some sort of dance in a field where movements were greatly unexpected. I didn’t imagine those moves, they would unfold in those plans accordingly to what I was experiencing.” (D. F.)

Access to parallel worlds can take different ways

What is basically specific to the beneficial state of trance is the possibility to experience simultaneously the common state of consciousness and the existence into the astral universe. Gradually this astral experience becomes prevalent and the physical perception goes into subsidiary. The gradual translation into the astral universe is the essential mysterious aspect proper to the induction of a beneficial state of trance. In practicing the special method of induction of the beneficial states of trance, there always occur resonances to the elevated astral realms.

„I felt a strong activation of BRAHMARANDRA, AJNA CHAKRA and ANAHATA CHAKRA simultaneously and then I could feel a projection at the level of the subtle centre of power ANAHATA CHAKRA. This projection was a perception of my being extended into tactile, affective contact, as if I was gradually touching the subtle dimension. Together with this touching, I could feel a huge space opening; it felt as if I could feel it with my heart and I could see at the beginning a growing white, light then I noticed quite a complex structure, sort of net made up of enormous coloured hexagons and then lots of images started to unfold on this background. I don’t know exactly their meaning, but I could see they were quite old symbols; I had the feeling I was looking back into the humankind history. Then this projection into the subtle field remained like a frame of mind, which I became aware of as if looking with my eyes I couldn’t see anything but I had the feeling that I was anchored, extended in another dimension, which is more than the physical space.“(F. C.)

„What I liked most about this technique was that when I came back to my senses I could see not with my physical eyes, but in subtle dimension that each of us was accompanied by his guardian angel and all these angels were so happy for us! Also I could feel the presence of so many angels and I could feel Grieg projected in this hall. In this subtle dimension where angels were manifesting, there was great joy. All those subtle beings were happy for what we got there. For a few bits of seconds I could hear their voices which were quite mild and beautiful.” (I. D.)

Miraculous transfiguration of perceptions

During the states of trance physical perceptions become subsidiary, but the consciousness contact to the physical dimension must not vanish for good. The fairy reality of the astral realms that is experienced by the subtle astral body also changes the physical perception. To a being experiencing beneficial states of trance who takes a walk in the nature, for instance, everything appears completely transformed as if by magic. The landscapes, things, beings, everything appears as imbued with some mysterious fascinating spell, casting a mysterious charming light. Everything seems original, amazing, mysterious and delicious.

“I went alone by the river of Cerna, on a special spot. I could feel there a state of quiet, of inner silence, of deep inner peace which made me feel myself again. I had previously experienced these states of silence, inner peace, but this time it was exceptional. Being in the open air I felt at a moment that I was fusing to nature, and my being was expanded to the extent that I couldn’t say the emergence of my being and nature. I laid down on my blanket, on the stones on the banks of he river, looking up to the sky. When I looked back to the forest, I could feel my own extension to the nature, and nature as part of me. That was quite an exceptional feeling… at a moment I could feel this dissolution of myself into the nature was absorbed in SAHASRARA and I became the witness of this feeling, quite a lucid witness. I was living a state of deep happiness, at the same time quiet and extraordinary delicious state.” (C. B.)

“During the fructification stage, I experienced extraordinary profuse emotions, which was quite unexpected. First of all when I went out of the hall I was nicely surprised at everything shining around in a special glow. Generally I felt that beyond what I could see in the physical world there existed plenty of worlds. Looking at each leave, each flower, I could feel that beyond it there laid huge richness and nature is highly alive. By such perspective upon nature I felt that I got richer myself by means of the beauty it shed. I even felt a wonderful state of enhancement of the state of SHAKTI through communion to nature; I felt that all this feminine beauty of nature also exists inside of me and all my feminine features are mirrored in nature.”(A. G.)

“As I was outdoors, lying down on the grass, looking up to the sky I noticed a great enhancement of the ability to see those phenomena proper to the etheric dimension. Those floating sparkles peculiar to the etheric dimension became quite clear to me.” (F. C.)

“There is something that fascinates me about the states of beneficial romantic trance that I experience, which is the magic of the moment lived in plenty. By simply looking at the dance of the leaves in the wind blowing, I can live states of ecstasy, feel that that moment has everything inside of it and the whole Universe is mirrored in that tree. By simply looking in the eyes of my lover I can feel his soul and recognize the archetypal energy which supports everything. The state of beneficial romantic trance urges me to deeply and intensely feel the presence of God in everything and my existence there becomes our lovemaking.”(C. C.)

For all those who have been initiated at Herculane, their experiences certainly mean a prospective beginning. Many of them are now determined to continue and explore the fantastic potential of this initiation. “From now on I am going to deliver myself more bravely in this whirl of love that gives sublime shadows to my life!” (F.F)

(to be continued)

NOTE. The next initiation into the beneficial states of trance will take place during the International YOGA Symposium, at Costineşti 2008.

June 25, 2008

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