Various aphorisms and reflections (II)

by yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru
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23.When we are already prepared and we enter a beneficial, deep state of occult resonance, it thus becomes possible that the divine truths that a human being has discovered with God’s help or the light of wise knowledge that (at a certain point) he projected upon certain obscure aspects of the mysterious reality, to amply influence us, thrilling us and making us live spiritual, overwhelming states. Thus, we in turn benefit – when we are ready – from certain divine truths or certain revelations that a certain inspired human being has discovered sometime before us.

24. In life, what is the most important is not to be known, but to know. Beyond all these, the intimate, inexpressible and profound knowledge of God remains essential for each of us.

25. The most terrible error is to have one or more false ideas about the Truth, because all these will then prevent us from discovering the Truth.

26. All that is possible and that one can clearly and powerfully imagine then becomes real. All that is actually possible might seem theoretically impossible at first sight, until it is done.

27. There is always a certain fundamental difference between a sage and a madman. The sage appears to be mad, but he is actually not mad.

28. Especially for egotistic and changing beings, their love is small and lasts for a while, but their jealousy always lasts much longer.

29. In the inner universe of certain human beings, everything changes especially when they regress and this occurs precisely due to the fact that they have ceased to transform.

30. Ordinary man does not search the Truth, but he is contented with a so-called truth that is convenient for him. Truth does not belong to the field of adaptation, because it (the Truth) IS.

31. Chaotic will to do something, which lacks wisdom and skill, greatly resembles madness.

32. If at a certain point a certain spiritual trial appears in our life, we can also be absolutely sure that we already have the necessary force to triumph upon it.

33. Knowledge that is acquired, no matter how valuable it were, does not  become living and fruitful unless it is assimilated by us by means of our direct and unmediated personal experience.

34. Truth only appears to us when we are truly ready of properly receiving it.

35. The true superiority of a human being also resides in his availability to love, to help, to be altruistic, to be humble and to be useful.

36. Good thoughts that predominate lead to the state of peace with ourselves. Good words that we utter lead to the state of peace with others. Good actions that we do lead to the state of peace with our own future.

37. All that we give either to the others, or to the world, will return to us as payment at the proper moment, even if for now we ignore the place and time when all that we have done good will return to us.

38. Before all, we are made in order to love (why not, even in order to love intensely, deeply and measurelessly!!!). Many good things of life are offered to human beings that love intensely, deeply and measurelessly. Rejoice fully and most of the time by loving, because you will not be afraid anymore. Intense and profound love ennobles and even durably transforms the humblest lives.

39. One of the greatest states of happiness that is offered to you in this life is to love profoundly, constantly and without measure, also allowing yourself be loved by human beings of opposite sex that delight you and that you love intensely, deeply and measurelessly. Immediately afterwards, intense and overwhelming love fills you with distinguished happiness. Such a love embellishes everything around you, by perfuming your breath.

40. Love makes you discover with amazement what before seemed impossible, and helps you intuit what the Absolute actually is.

41. Intense love expands all our beings, with no exception, and its heavenly “wine” inebriates us.

42. The energy of love always comes from God and it brings in our inner universe the MYSTERIOUS AND PURE light that bestows amazing brightness upon even the most toneless face.

43. The human being that loves another being of opposite sex to an extraordinary degree thus creates mysterious premises that will make him also be loved a lot.


From the Spiritual Program of The International Yoga Symposium, Herculane 2010


December 2010


Also available in: Română

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