How Love Stopped The Cell Tower Next Door


What would you do if you heard a giant cell tower was going to be installed on the property next door?
With good old-fashioned neighbourly love, a Colorado mother successfully got her neighbourhood and the local church to refuse cell antenna installation.
Instead of Verizon’s deployment plan, it was a neighbourhood resolution that had the final say.

Watch the 15-minute convo that may change how you see activism:

“We made our decision based on love for our neighbors.” – Craig Hasselbach, Lead Pastor, LifePointe Church, Ft. Collins, Colorado

It is increasingly clear that coming from love is necessary if we want to see real and lasting change. When we act from frustration, anger, or ego, it pushes away what we want, and usually the problem is either the same or worse. As counterintuitive as this may be to old-world thinking, as annoying as it is when we’re pissed off about whatever corrupt agenda, the dynamic seems to be real.

Strength + Love = Change
Maybe this is what Jesus, Gandhi, and other world-transformers were pursuing to tell us.

Love isn’t a pushover. With any mama bear, you don’t mess with her cubs. Her exceedingly fierce love doesn’t give up, and it always protects life. Several groups are charting new ways of activism in this direction.

Perhaps when we act from a position of strength, we are less focused on our own survival, so it becomes easier to also act from love and build relationships. And with agendas such as 5G now being pushed, it’s more important than ever to build and embed relationships into our actions for change.

The combination of strength and love is what will create the systemic change we seek. Perhaps the journey to find our way there is something all humans are being called to at this time, each in our own way.

Consider meditating on this question: Is there an area in my life where, by applying strength and love, I can apply these principles to shift a situation?

This is an inspiring perspective. The mother in the video above, Heather Lahdenpera, says: “If we pay attention to what is happening in our country, every day we will see that corporate interests are being put before human and environmental interests in so many areas of our lives. I sign petitions online when I see one that speaks to me, but I had ever really taken serious action.

It is easy to become paralyzed by the feeling of powerlessness. However, when I found out that a cell tower was proposed to be placed on top of a church roof, right next door to my children’s school and within line of sight of my house, I could not stand idle.
I understood the dangers of yet another layer of radio frequency radiation being placed near my children and family.”

The Secret Inside Your Cellphone

As new science fuels the debate about cellphone safety, take a closer look at a little known message inside your cellphone’s settings and manual telling you to keep the device 5 to 15 mm away from your body. We should ask ourselves why this message exists, why it’s so hidden, and whether the health authorities are doing enough to protect us.

“So, I took action”, Heather Lahdenpera continues. “It was the most empowering thing I have ever done. As I began to notify and mobilize the neighborhood, many neighbors began to thank me for taking action.
They believed there was nothing that could be done to stop this. Once people knew they had a forum where they could voice their concerns, the community worked together and we made a small dent in this growing problem.
I found that I shared values with my neighbors, many of whom I didn’t previously know. The church leaders at our neighborhood church, LifePointe, listened to our concerns and decided not to place a cell tower on their roof.
I feel moved to stay involved with this extraordinary church with which I had had no prior connection.
I encourage everyone to take a stand for things that matter, especially our health.”


December 17, 2017

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