How Telomeres Reverse Your Aging Process – When Science & Spirituality Merge


by Nicole Frolick

Last week (February 12-18, n.n.) I had Aage Nost guest on my podcast Enlighten Up and he certainly enlightened us with some powerful information: that the root cause of aging and how to reverse it was discovered in 2009 by three scientists. The discovery was so powerful that it won them a Nobel Prize. It’s 2018 and up until three months ago, I had never heard of this. Why is this not mainstream knowledge almost a decade later?

The anti-aging business is a multi-billion dollar industry for good reason. We all want to maintain our youth for both reasons based in vanity and health. This discovery that won a Nobel prize is based in science that can be easily applied to our everyday lives… yet again, many of us don’t know about this.

As someone who has spent two decades of my life studying health and ways to preserve it through natural means, I was excited to learn this information and intrigued as to why this information isn’t household knowledge.

What I learned is that there are specific natural supplements that are not only affordable but highly effective in not just maintaining our youth but REVERSING the aging process. And it’s all based in science as well as spirituality. That’s right, studies show that mindful meditation is correlated to the expression of age reversal through our telomeres.

In today’s video I explain what this Nobel prize winning discovery was, how this science explains the aging process and what you can do starting today to begin reversing your own aging. This is not a gimmick. This is based on numerous scientific studies, that no one seems to have mentioned to us. Until now.

Watch the video below to find out how science and spirituality merge to restore your youth from the inside out.

With something so easy to implement into our health routine, more people should know about this. Reversing the aging process isn’t just a vanity issue. Taking care of our physical body is also part of the ascension process. It allows us to function in this world at our optimal levels increasing our quality of life. We all deserve to live in this world via a vitally healthy vessel.


May 29, 2018

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