How to spot fairies: 11 signs when fairies are near you


Fairies. Winged, cheerful and wonderfully enchanting entities which have long been associated with the forces and elements of nature since antiquity. The kingdom of fairies is a completely different realm which is in the Ethereal Plane.
However, the fairy realm is in close contact with the Material World we live in.

The difficulty to reach another plane is based on our ability to expand our consciousness. The Ethereal Plane is amongst the ones which can be easily accessed. The Astral Plane, for example, takes a bit more effort for humans to be accessed. Many of us were born with the ability to travel to other realms with no effort at all. In ancient religions, it was believed that the children who born on Imbolc (from January 31 to February 2) were natural born travelers to the land of the fairies. In many cases, the ones who possess this ability don’t know they do.

The travelers can either be born, or be trained. The kingdom of fairies includes both male and female entities, although many traditions describe that the kingdom is reigned by a queen. Since none of these assumptions can easily be proved, some believe that there are several kingdoms of fairies, similar to the countries of human race. Some more benevolent, others more maleficent.

Spotting fairies is believed to be difficult because we try to actually “see” them as we would see some birds or butterflies. Even though this could also be achieved, it’s easier to perceive or to sense the presence of fairies by expanding our consciousness. In this article we are going to describe ways that fairies try to establish contact with humans. Probably many humans felt the presence of fairies even if we easily forget or neglect it (either by “fairy magic” – as fairies mostly try to avoid contact with humans – or by our ignorance).

1. Spheres of light

One of the most common ways fairies and other ethereal beings are noticed is as spheres, flickers or glints of light. It’s very common to see them around mushrooms, blooming flowers and springs. People associated with fairies can watch these lights anytime. You may also notice unexplained movements out of the corner of your eyes.

2. Chilling sounds and music

Once you’ve entered the fairy realm nothing is the same. Soft sounds may greet the strangers who enter the fairy land. Whether it’s the sound of various wind instruments – like the flute – or a simple sound – like the welcoming sound of tiny bells – it means the same thing. Allegedly, if you ring a bell over a spring or pond you may see the reaction of fairies responding to your invitation.

3. Fairy rings

It’s long believed that fairies love to sing and dance at night. They usually dance around a circle. Many who stay in forests at night claim to have heard wonderfully enchanting songs, while later in the morning they find mushroom circles, circles of flowers or trace of footprints of human-sized nymphs dancing known as the “fairy rings”. Many believe that the “fairy rings” are the gateways to the fairy world. Respect the fairy rings and always ask for permission before entering the circle.

4. Laughter

As fairies are – almost always – described as cheerful creatures, when you are close to these entities it very likely to hear laughter or feel the urge to laugh. The feeling of joy fills your heart and lasts long!

5. Scent of flowers

You are walking down a path, or even a road while your nose is filled with an overwhelming scent of flowers like iris or violets, or even the scent of the grass like it just rained… or maybe it smells like walnuts, apples or grapes. As fairies are often associated with flowers, plants and trees, this could be the work of a playful fairy sprinkling scented “fairy dust” to you, blessing you or trying to catch your attention.

6. Deviations of the air

The fairy wings may cause a light breeze on the area around a fairy. Whether it’s actually the wings or the energy shift around the ethereal being does not really matter. Pay attention to the leaves around you. A gentle whirlwind may be a solid proof that a fairy (or fairies) like your company.

7. Animals around you act weird

You notice that you are being followed by birds like ravens, your cat acts weird, staring at something for minutes (with no apparent reason) or play with the air while your dog is nervous or probably bark at something you do not see. As fairies could be described as the souls of nature, they can easily cause phenomena like this.

8. Jewelry and shiny objects are missing

Before you call the police try to look around if you can find them in other places. Fairies love to play with humans in this way. They enjoy “stealing” stuff like this and hide them in different places. It is said that fairies love all shiny objects and that’s what they love to take first. Be kind to them. They – almost – always return them!

9. A sense of warmth on your skin

The energy of the fairies – when is in close contact with your aura – can be felt like tiny vibrations of energy on your body, or heat on your skin. You may actually feel the warmth of the beloved creature as a gently tingling or tickling on part of your body.

10. Flowers (and other plants) sprouting from bizarre places

This is another phenomenon that is often associated with the presence of fairies. You may notice that from one second to another a flower has bloomed while you could swear that you have not even seen it at all! If this happens in your house it means that you have a winged visitor… or maybe visitors!

11. The Eyes of the Woods

Have you ever felt that trees are watching you as you walk down the path in a forest? Have you ever felt the presence of something really strange when you are alone and the night-sky is full of dazzling stars? The trees may – indeed – have eyes of their own, as they are probably inhabited by magical creatures as fairies (of course it can also be elves, gnomes or other entities). Greet these trees with the heart full of love.


July 1, 2018

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