Our Toothpastes Are Toxic! Here’s Why you Should Switch to Natural Toothpaste

Not many people are aware of it, but the most popular commercial toothpaste brands are full of toxic ingredients that can seriously harm your health. If you don’t believe it, why does the label say not to swallow the toothpaste and to immediately visit a doctor if you managed to swallow some? Our toothpaste may be killing us, and we may not even know it!

Here are some of the most dangerous ingredients in commercial toothpastes:

Polyethylene glycol

This type of plastic is used to package various products and is extremely harmful for our teeth.


Triclosan is added to toothpastes due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. However, the compound is often a part of pesticides as well, and is considered deadly to some aquatic species. Studies have shown that triclosan can accelerate the development of breast cancer, and it also affects the health of your muscles including the heart.


Most toothpastes contain fluoride, which is added to bottled water and is present in tap water as well. Fluoride is among the few substances that can pass the blood-brain barrier. According to numerous studies, the substance plays a part in cancer formation, and prolonged exposure to it may cause serious damage to the nervous system. Fluoride can also affect the blood flow in the digestive tract and may cause damage to the oral mucosa and liver cells.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This compound is used as a detergent and emulsifier besides its use in toothpastes. You can also find it in shampoos and body care products. This substance is very harmful for our body – it can promote colon cancer and has been linked to other serious diseases and conditions as well.


Sorbitol is a sugar substitute which may cause symptoms such as indigestion, bloating, osmotic diarrhea and nausea.


Diethanolamine is an emulsifier that is added to commercial toothpastes. The compound has been associated with cancer and hormonal imbalance, and some studies have shown that it can also damage the liver and kidneys.

As you can see, your favorite toothpaste contains harmful substances that may be harming your health. This is why experts recommend ditching commercial toothpastes for homemade ones which can be easily prepared. There are many recipes for natural toothpastes that work just as good as commercial ones, and we have the best one for you. Besides keeping your oral health in check, homemade toothpastes will also save you money. They will go easy on your teeth and maintain your oral health without any kind of side-effects. Here’s how to prepare a natural toothpaste at home:


– 2/3 cup of baking soda;
– 1 teaspoon of sea salt;
– 10 drops of peppermint essential oil;
– 1-2 teaspoons of peppermint extract;
– water.


The amount of the ingredients is enough for 150 ml of toothpaste. Mix everything together well, then pour the mixture into a container with a lid. Add the water slowly and mix to find the right consistency, then close the container and keep it in the bathroom. Use the toothpaste as usual and you will notice the improvements in your oral health soon!

Note: you can use any essential oil as a flavoring. Many people prefer toothpaste with mint due to the freshness it offers, but you can use whatever you like.


December 18, 2017 

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