The Amazing Power of Transmutation on the Spiritual Path


By Open

I have to pinch myself sometimes, being here in this physical body. I know well a higher dimensional existence of pure light, where thought and creativity happen at lightening speed; where you feel completely interconnected with sentient life and can travel through the cosmos in a blink of the third eye. But I am here in this dense – and wonderful! – physical body. And I’m reminded that light can still transform it. In fact, consciousness can transform all our 3D experiences and creations.
You just have to keep reminding yourself to let the light of the soul flow in. Then transmutation of the base matter becomes very possible…

Everything is of consciousness – nothing is fixed and rigid.
It’s natural to want to change one’s life for the better, in an authentic way, meaning: to find greater alignment with the natural flow of the moment; to create magically as one with the Universe; to be more sovereign and empowered; to unfurl a deeper degree of inner harmony and peace. All of these become immediately possible when we remember, and embody in our lives, one fundamental truth…

That everything is of consciousness, of energy, even the physical body, and therefore it is not fixed and rigid in time and space. It is ever changing, and has the possibility to transform for the better, by the infusion of Unity Consciousness through your soul.
Infusion of soul is the key to transmutation. If we can soften the body and mind from its rigid judgments of reality, then we’ll open up an alchemical vessel through which to infuse soul. Soul is your interconnection with the Universe, and when you’re truly in it, then the infinite possibility of the Universe becomes available to you.

“All know that the drop merges into the ocean. But few know that the ocean merges into the drop!” – Rumi

What might we experience when we become aware that we are soul begins infused into the human body-mind?
Here are some of the experiences that become possible:
1. Expansion of inner peace, as you connect up to the timeless nature of existence;
2. Enhanced intuition, as you become increasingly aware of the natural flow of the moment;
3. Greater inner harmony, as you realign battered DNA;
4. Expansion into higher dimensions of consciousness and existence;
5. Feeling guided and supported by higher dimensional guides (guarding angel, spiritual guide…).

So a Universe of infinite possibility opens up as we infuse soul. But we will have to work at it. We will have to be committed and persevere with great patience. Reality is a complex illusion, designed to make the sense of it very real. Pain and discomfort are real experiences that can create doubt and mistrust when we don’t necessarily get what we think we might want. Doubt and mistrust are the very antithesis of transmutation. If you believe that reality is going to work in a particular way, then the strong likelihood is you’ll create that (at least for some period of time). Likewise with unconsciousness – if you’re unconsciously conditioned through KARMA to create reality in a particular way, then so you shall.

Developing empowering spiritual practice

That’s why it’s essential to develop a spiritual practice that takes you deep into the layers of body and mind – that cause you to confront, and “normalize” in the phenomena, so that you begin to treat them merely as relativistic experiences and not fixed or absolute. With each venture into your inner world, you’ll encounter the limitations of judgement and fixed belief, be they physical, emotional, mental or KARMA-ic. It’s in these places some form of fixed limitation has been established. But as we penetrate deep into them with the light of pure awareness, then they become malleable, and flexible to change.

As I soften the inner world and progressively render it more pliable, then like a gentle flower through withering concrete, the soul will penetrate into any crusty judgments, “compost” them down and transform the landscape with infinite possibility. Crucially, this then begins to reflect into our outer world to change all aspects of it: from our relationships to how we live and work. This is the amazing possibility of alchemical transmutation.

At Openhand, one of the key practices applied for alchemical transmutation possibility is what they call the “Openhand Bow”, which has been developed from the ancient practice of KRIYA YOGA (introduced in Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda). It’s where you bend deep into any tightness, discomfort, resistance or judgment of the moment, and intensify it, so that you have the possibility to redefine your experience of it. You surrender into it and discover the pure presence of the One, so the limitation no longer defines you.


July 22, 2018

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