5 Things The Highest Version Of You Is Doing Right Now


Quantum physics is now indicating that there are infinite parallel realities. What this means is that there is, in some reality, a version of you who is living the happiest, most vibrant and joyous possible life you can imagine. If you aren’t in that reality, it is a matter of switching your vibration and being that you.

To tap into that you, imagine how it would feel to go about your day as this version of yourself who you would prefer to be.
As you go through and create a whole story in your mind, notice if there are any differences between the you experienced now and the reality of the you who you’d prefer to embody.

Everyone’s image of what they would prefer to be is different, but here are five examples that perhaps will inspire you to find your own:

1. The Highest You Speaks With Power

The power of speech is one of the easiest and most common powers to misuse. When you envision the highest and happiest version of you, never misuse the power of sound and speech. This version of you speaks thoughtfully, not too often, with intention, with kindness, and with gratitude.

The highest version of you uses the power of speech to create what you want and measures the words before putting them out in the world.

2. The Highest You Has Fun

The easiest way for you to picture what the best version of you would do can be to determine what is it that you are doing that is keeping you in a lower vibrational reality and then go from there. In a reality that feels restricted, you take life too seriously, get hung up on the small things, and worry too much.

Therefore the highest version of you takes life and other people with a grain of salt. That version of you laughs and reminds oneself often that this physical reality experience is finite and that the ride should be enjoyable. One jokes and brushes off mistakes.

3. The Highest You Turns Problems Into Challenges

How easy it is to call those things we see as roadblocks “problems” when from higher or more wise perspective, they are challenges, and challenges are gifts because they keep us in the present moment and reveal to us that everything is a gift and an opportunity to learn, grow, and discover hidden aspects of the self.

4. The Highest You Has a Good Relationship with Food

Have you ever noticed how many issues we collectively have on this planet with food? We either stuff ourselves full of things we believe are bad for us or obsess over only eating things that meet certain qualifications.

We may worry about the cost of food or having enough, we may fight over or hoard it, or we may waste it. The highest version of you appreciates food – in whatever form it presents itself to you, as a very valuable gift.

You enjoy it, take your time experiencing it, and are in balance with it. You allow food to be a balanced and flowing part of life.

5. The Highest Version of You Loves With No Expectations

The highest version of you is complete unto yourself and therefore, in a sense of self-fulfillment and wholeness, you expect nothing from those you love. The highest version of you is happy and enjoying life lusciously and overflowingly.

Therefore, when someone enters your domain to share that love, there need be no expectations of what they can or must give in return.

So there were five examples of what your highest version, sometimes in this reality, and sometimes in a parallel one, is doing every day.
As you imagine that and tune into the highest version of you exists in, you can feel the difference and are therefore able to orient into that reality.


January 19, 2018

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