Cell Phone Towers And What You Really Should Know About Them


Cell phone microwave towers are popping up everywhere like mushrooms after a spring rain. There are numerous types of towers, including those which are called “mast” towers. There’s even a mini cell tower, the “thimble”, which can be planted on top of a utility pole!

A search on Google for “photos of various types of cell towers” gives numerous photos of various configurations and types of cell towers.
However, it does not contain the “thimble” which can look like this. However, some can be a third that size.

According to the article Burbank Action: Decreased Real Estate Value, “People don’t want to live next to one not just because of health concerns, but also due to aesthetics and public safety reasons, i.e., cell towers become eyesores, obstructing or tarnishing cherished views, and also can attract crime, are potential noise nuisances, and fire and fall hazards.

A number of organizations and studies have documented the detrimental effects of cell towers on property values.

The Appraisal Institute, the largest global professional membership organization for appraisers with 91 chapters throughout the world, spotlighted the issue of cell towers and the fair market value of a home and educated its members that a cell tower should, in fact, cause a decrease in home value.”

Did you know that? A cell phone company can decrease the value of your property just by locating a cell tower next, or near, to your property!

Here is a twenty-two page report titled The Impact of Cellular Phone Base Station Towers On Property Values you may want to study to understand another unseen impact of microwave technology on your wellbeing, financial that is! That’s in addition to your health and wellness.

Interestingly, the New Zealand court’s decision conceded “a reduction in property values is not an environmental effect in itself; it is merely evidence, in monetary terms, of the other adverse effects noted”. Just one of many “adverse effects of microwave technology”.

In Penitas, Texas, a pole with what looks like a “thimble” cell tower on top went up overnight and citizens are concerned. No one seems to know who erected it and why!

A French study published in 2003 in PubMed indicated: “People living within 300 meters [900 feet] of cell phone antennas reported various health complaints including, fatigue, sleep disturbances, headaches, difficulty concentrating, depression, memory loss, visual disruptions, irritability, hearing disruptions, skin problems, cardiovascular disorder and dizziness”.

According to independent EMF researcher Lloyd Burrell at Electric Sense: “Cell phone tower radiation exposures are linked to many different symptoms, these include:
– Insomnia;
– Low sperm count;
– Immune system deficiencies;
– Depression;
– Headaches;
– Concentration difficulties;
– Joint problems;
– Skin complaints;
– Cardiovascular diseases;
– Auditory system disturbances;
– Visual problems;
– Gastrointestinal problems;
– Dizziness;
– Nosebleeds.”

Another study carried out in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, found that “over 80 percent of people who succumbed to certain types of cancer resided a third of a mile away from one of the hundreds of cell phone antennae that populate the city. The study established a link between over 7.000 cancer deaths and cell phone tower radiation exposures.”

A study conducted on the people of Germany, who lived near the Naila cell tower, found that “after 6-10 years of exposure there was a three fold increase in the cancer risk for residents who lived less than 400 meters [1200 feet] from the tower. For people who lived more than 400 meters away from the tower, there was no marked increase in cancer risk.”

We are living in a sea of radiation pollution or “electrosmog” which we have no one to blame but ourselves for buying into all the microwave technologies being forced upon what’s becoming known as the digital, “smart” world and, ultimately, the Internet of Things (IoT).


March 4, 2018

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