11th April – The day of the mediator

Those born on April 11th feel the necessity, like the majority from the last two decades of the sign of Aries, to be conspicuous, even to be stars or VIPs. Usually, they become the centre of attention because of some real aptitude and not just because they have this ambition. They feel at ease being part of a when they are the leader and most times they play this central role.

Natives of this day dynamise and motivate themselves, rather promoting some ideas, than obtaining glory or prestige; they are preoccupied primarily to transmit a message, not to develop a brilliant personality. They do not put great value on pompous expressions, which more frequently hide mediocre or even lack of ideas, but appreciate frankness. This does not mean, not in the least, that they are not capable of subtlety or that they lack diplomacy. In fact they are excellent mediators, having the capacity to put face to face adversaries and reconcile them. People born on this day are the most sought in crisis situations; even when any other attempt at resolution has failed, they can save the situation. Their help is appreciated where they work, as well as at home or amongst friends.

Correlated with this quality, those born on April 11th are endowed with suppleness from the psychological point of view. Also they have flair when they have to determine terms of agreement. They have the capacity to profoundly understand the language and ideas of others, including the implications. While it seems surprising, they can be indifferent to the needs and wishes of their loved ones. Often however, they can act rather negative when those they love tell them something that does not please them. Developing affective dimensions and empathy are the keys which will help them to eliminate this problem.

Frequently natives of this day assume great responsibility regarding all things about family finances and education, which they cannot succeed to keep. Sometimes the energy which they need to reach a good ending is engaged and consumed in other areas and they do not have the necessary energy for their family, and others are simply unrealistic or indifferent. It is necessary to avoid conflicts with those who are superior in the “family hierarchy”.

Due to the unusual social qualities with which they are endowed, people born on April 11th are suited to professions which have contact with people (social work) or in administrative positions, organising activities and making plans for others. Generally, they are convinced that they know what to do for the good of everyone. However they should learn to be attentive to the feedback they receive. Lack of receptivity to the objective evaluation of their work can block their path to success. Some of them have the tendency to gradually isolate themselves from everyone who criticisms them in any way. It is absolutely necessary that those born on this day try to permanently have an open mind and to be receptive to the responses of those around them. They do not have to be embarrassed to change certain decisions, when the course of events requires. It is very important to learn to be more flexible, without losing integrity and efficiency.

ADVICE: Give up to your prejudices. Do not unrealistically assume excessive responsibility. Be more sensible to the needs of loved ones. Control your temper and avoid family conflicts. Be aware of the energy you dispose of: learn to use it in a completely creative way, because all that remains unused will return to you sooner or later.

STRONG POINTS: Decisive, diplomatic, shrewd

WEAK POINTS: insensitive, rigid, blasé
April 2007

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