22nd March – The day of success


Natives of the 22nd March live believing in perfection. They don’t accept to be rejected, but do not sustain their own message with force, using a tone of superiority. On the contrary, they are often quiet individuals, sure of themselves, who hate boastfulness. Those born on this day can have big success in business and financial relations, making their way carefully through the big competitive jungle. They are not easily diverted from their road to success. Of course, some natives of the 22nd March concentrate on more modest objectives – to create themselves a happy family life, to enjoy their free time or to practice a hobby. No matter what it is about, those born on this day will realize the object they propose.

Natives of the 22nd March are exactly what they seem to be. They do not support hypocritical people and sometimes risk confusing diplomacy with duplicity.

Many of those born on 22 March have in their mind an idealized image which they will try to imitate. They do not aspire to a terribly dramatic heroism, but more to a quiet and protective image, through which they earn respect and even veneration of their family, friends and associates. Indeed, those born on this day often have the reputation of being extremely responsible.

Once the natives of 22nd March discover their true calling, in general about the age twenty five, they will go on this road for the rest of their life. Rarely will they change the chosen path.

The natives of 22nd March will find career fulfilment if they are capable to look at their products or services in a detatched way. If they are not capable to do so, they will have repeated frustrations and failures. Additionally they have to sometimes moderate their enthusiasm, because they can be too overwhelming or excessive for the situation. Furthermore, the natives of 22nd March should be attentive to any tendency towards despotism or tyrannical behaviour.
ADVICE: Have patience with those who are not like you. Keep advancing slowly, but surely, working hard, but in the same time sometimes letting things come for themself. Cultivate diplomacy.
Well oriented
Unconscious emotionally
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March 2007

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