Aphorisms and thoughts about GIFT and GIVING

by yoga professor Gregorian Bivolaru

♥ When we give love, happiness, pleasure or other spiritual gifts and we act in a spontaneous manner, being animated by abnegation, we simultaneously receive – from God – as many gifts as we offer ourselves. Thus, we can easily realize that when we give lots of love, at the same time we ourselves receive – from God – love that is overflown in waves into our being. When we give happiness to others we ourselves are very happy. When we spontaneously give refined and beneficent pleasures to human beings of the opposite sex, whom we love and who deserve it, we also feel, in unison, emphatically, the pure and elevated pleasures that we offer. This is why in the folklore they say: “Do good, and good you shall receive”.
♥ The initiates know that, when we offer something good or wonderful, in reality God is He who manifests Himself, and in an unspoken way He is the one who gives all of   these through us. This happens permanently because all what is good and beautiful comes from Him. By spontaneously and selflessly giving: love, joy, happiness, as well as pure and elevated pleasures, even if before we were small and insignificant, we begin to grow and to bloom if we always act in this manner. Even if before we felt or knew that we were insignificant, by offering selflessly divine gifts to those who deserve them, we thus start to spiritually enrich ourselves, and our soul thrives.

♥ At all times, we enrich ourselves and grow proportionally through the beneficial, divine gifts that we give with abnegation. Such gifts can be love, goodness, compassion, good-will, joy, happiness, pure and elevated pleasures. By giving every day in accordance with our possibilities, we eventually discover that God is the one who, every time, gives through ourselves. By giving unsparingly and good-heartedly, in the same time we enrich and diversify our power to give. When we begin to act in this manner, humbleness and generosity should be the main ingredients to prevent the ego or the self-importance to awaken in us.
♥ Let’s act so that we can become without delay good, generous, loving, humble, full of compassion, good-willing human beings who, just as the fruit-bearing trees in the garden of Heaven, we expand your branches loaded with sweet and beautiful fruits until far away. Likewise, it becomes possible for us to offer from our abundance such fruits to all those who deserve them.
♥ Let’s  remember that all the material presents and goods which are offered to us can be also stolen from us, but no one will ever have the power to steal our spiritual gifts which we generously and unstintingly offer to others. Such gifts can be love, unconditioned goodness, happiness, compassion, joy, pure and elevated pleasures, and spiritual revelations.
♥ Immeasurable love which is manifested constantly is and remains an exemplary and plenary act of giving that comes from God. When we love, we call God into our being, because, where love is present, therewith God is present also.

♥ Unconditional abandonment to God, the mysterious vigor or the occult energy, the spiritual transformation which is achieved at a constant pace, a huge forbearance, the exemplary power of focusing attention, wisdom, and immeasurable love are, in the same time, the seven instruments of perfection, as well as the final outcome of our inner evolution which is crowned with success.
♥ It is necessary to keep our elevated aspirations and divine goals alive and strong. It is important to discover that, in order to realize something truly good and extraordinary, we have to keep our faith in God strong and unshakable, we need to have full confidence in ourselves, we should already have a clear and beautiful vision, we have to be persevering, determined, and without exception, all things which are good and divine are possible for he who has faith in God as a grain of mustard seed.
♥ The initiates maintain that a profound and exemplary state of abnegation always solves many problems, tensions and contradictions of the feminine existence. This becomes possible thanks to the beneficial processes of occult resonance, which appear and are maintained in the beings of women who manifest a great abnegation.

♥ A profound and perfect state of abnegation allows us to triumph over selfishness and individualism.
♥ A spontaneous, profound, sincere, and complete state of abnegation which is doubled by an immeasurable love, are virtues more preferable to all other virtues. Actually, we must not forget that no divine and important work can be done without them.
♥ A strong character which humbles itself will always reach much far in its zeal than a weak character.
♥ Abnegation is that rare virtue which many men just preach, while good-hearted women put into practice.

January 2011


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