Seven Steps To Godly Inspiration

 Following the seven simple steps to meditation presented below, we can communicate with God and be guided by the universe in every aspect of our lives.
Meditation closes the door to the outer world and opens the door to the influx of inner states. This requires a posture of intense focus and alertness, to achieve a receptive silence requires work – an eternal striving.

Meditation is not the subjective passivity of a wandering mind. It is the engagement of the complete person: a relaxed body, calm emotions, an alert, focused mind, an open heart, and an aspiration for contact with the Divine.
“A deliberate pouring forth of the whole being to imbibe and absorb Godly Life and Wisdom.” – H. Rhodes Wallace.

During a focused meditation, subtle, soft understandings can arise. Often we don’t consider them to be anything of importance during the meditation. They just feel quietly obvious. But if we write them down as they come, these quiet whisperings of the “still small voice” are often profound in their simplicity. Some of these inspirations that have been casually written down during a meditation can continue to inspire us year after year.

A great truth to realize is that union with the God is the result of Love. The heart center is the center for spiritual development. In meditation, regard your heart as an inner sanctuary, a meeting place of the soul and the Divine.

“Having the eyes of your heart enlightened, the Father may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation.” – Ephesians 1:17-18

Let us consider the following meditation with the high intention of receiving Godly inspiration.

7 Steps to Godly Inspiration

1) Relax the physical body, calm the emotions, and quiet the mind.

2) Put you conscious attention in your Heart Center; see and feel a flame of Love burning there, the flame that burns in every human heart.

3) With each in-breath see and feel that flame expand until the warmth of that Love fills your entire being.

4) Dive deeply into the source of that Love.

5) Ask a question with the firm belief of receiving an inspired response.

6) Become open and receptive to Godly inspiration.

7) Enter the silence with an open heart and a receptive mind. Listen intently.

Have a notepad handy and write down any thought, no matter how insignificant you might consider it at first. This will bring rewards eventually. The answer to your question may come outside of your meditation. Stay alert to the “still small voice” within. Often inspiration can be received in the shower, on a walk or while driving.

We are all beings of love.

September 6, 2017

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