The Man Who Lived With Extraterrestrials For 10 Days (5)

In 1989, Alec Newald’s life-path took an unexpected turn when he was abducted by a group of benevolent aliens for ten days and transported to their home-world. His amazing experiences have great significance for the future of humanity.

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Coevolution: The True Story of a Man Taken for Ten Days to an Extraterrestrial Civilization

By Alec Newald

“This breeding process, in the form you Homo sapiens use, I have studied as much as I can from our records, but there is still much I wish to know. I have been selected for a modified reproductive process when I return to my home planet. We as a people are running out of time to develop offspring which could survive on any other planet apart from our own without life-support systems. By this I mean we have not yet found another world that is compatible with our specific and rather unique needs. I may be able to elaborate on this point a little later. For now, it is enough to say we have few options, and may have to adjust to new environments such as planet Earth – which we still like to call our second home, even though we are far removed from being able to live there full time,” Zeena said, sounding rather distressed.

“Our planet is rather full already,” I commented, not really wishing to add to her burden. In spite of what I had already witnessed and been party to, I was in no way prepared for her reply to my statement.

“Oh, we have already had communication with Earth governors on that subject; since the 1950s, in fact. They know of our desire and need. We have even made a trade, as you might call it. I cannot elaborate on it at this time. But not everyone has lived up to their agreements since then.”

“Why does nobody know of this on Earth?” I asked, my eyes wide open.

“Your various governors, in their wisdom, decided that the Earth’s general population was not then ready for the message and knowledge we had planned to give your people. If you think back to the subjects we have recently discussed, it is hardly surprising, is it? They feel you are still not ready, and we will not tell your people a half-truth to suit others. So we have this situation – what do you say? – a stalemate,” Zeena concluded.

“What did the governors say when you said you would like to return to Earth at some time in the future?” I asked.

“All they wanted were the ‘lollies’,” she commented, without expanding on that subject.

“There are not that many of us,” Zeena continued. “Fifteen million is but a small total, is it not, among your billions? And our technology trade-off would make life so much easier for your population. If I dare be so brave as to say history could repeat itself, you may find we interbreed to become one race again, as happened so long ago in your past histories.

At this point in time there are still some important things that we must physically do here on Earth: some repair work, as it were; a legacy from the past which I am not permitted to discuss at this time. We must correct that which is in a state of disrepair. That work is now almost completed. This is no small thing, for repairs have been going on for many of your years. Time is now short, for next will come the transformation – your awakening.”

She answered my question before I could ask it. There was not much I could do but sit in silent amazement.

“You must realize,” she continued, as I couldn’t think of any worthwhile thing to say, “that we are quite a primitive race compared to other extraterrestrials that may communicate with Earth people from time to time. That is one of the reasons we are so attracted to Earth and to you as a race. We feel a real kindred or bonding for your people. We also think Earth is a most beautiful place.”

“Where would you like to live on Earth if you had a choice?” I asked.

“We have an area that we call our own.”

Zeena explained to me that they were already using an underwater base in the general area of this land that had been set aside for them, although she would go no further in describing where that might be. She was then called away, promising to return as soon as possible to continue our conversation.

Survival Strategies

Upon her return from duty, Zeena was keen to continue her explanation of what they were doing and were about to do on the new breeding program, and why it had become such a priority to her people. In order for me to understand, or try to understand fully, another lesson was apparently necessary, so she suggested once again that I make myself comfortable as it was likely to take some time.

“For you to understand the problems that we have, it is best that I tell you a little more about the world you live in. Some of this will be a little hard to understand, but some other aspects will ring a bell when you start to look at them in a different light,” said Zeena, who was sitting opposite my sleeping cubicle.

I had just finished another small nap to make up for my forty-hour marathon without sleep.

Zeena continued.

“You will remember some time ago I promised to tell you about the other side of yourself. This concerns the cycle of the atom, the part that is still little understood by your people, or, should I say, not yet fully understood by them. When this is understood, a whole new dimension, or dimensions, will open up for you; for in this instant of time between the pulses of atoms lies a world within worlds. They are in fact parallel dimensions to your own – at least to the one where most of you live your ‘now’. These dimensions are so close to your real ‘now’ that you can slip in and out of them without even knowing you have done so! There are sometimes little clues that tell you what has just occurred. This dimension-slipping has been going on since you first walked the Earth, only now it is becoming more common to your people. It can happen almost every day to some, but they are basically unaware of it. This is happening because you are awakening to your true selves.

You are close to a major dimension-leap, the like of which you have never before experienced; a leap that will bring you closer to my people. This is what we have all been waiting for! How many times have you searched for something in a room and could not find it? You go back some time later and there it is, right in front of your nose; there is no way you could have missed it when you searched. You see, you are not always where you think you are. The trick is to be fully conscious when you make these mini-leaps and be aware of where you have gone. You will be very surprised, I think. It is a place not far from there that you will find us.

We basically come from your future. It does not matter if it is six minutes into your future or six years; if you can get to one, you can get to the other. But, for us, it is not as simple as that, for we also come from another dimension; not quite the one you will shift into, but close. So we are what you would call dimensional time-travellers. Sounds like a good movie, does it not? Your Mr. Spielberg would love it!”

I had to laugh at that one.

“We – myself and others like me – are in fact a whole new race, or, to be more accurate, a newly reconstituted race. Further modifications are still required before we can achieve our goals as a people. This is one of the reasons for our travel to your time zone, and, indeed, the reason for others being here who are also experimenting with their biological make-up, although they have far different goals behind their experimentation than we do.

The reason behind so many abductions occurring on your planet over the last few years of your time is that this is the last chance for our race–and other races of ETs with problems similar to ours–to interact with you as a race before you change to a form that will no longer be of use to us. Yes, it is that close! My own surrogate mother was of your time and race…

We could go further back in time, but it is this now that we need. I will not complicate matters by trying to explain that; we would be here for many more days. My race still has a problem to overcome. We must breed a race with stronger limbs and oxygen-processing units.”

“Lungs?” I enquired again.

“Yes. We have been using a mixture of your species’ DNA and chromosomes, along with our own. Our blood used to be very similar to yours – and still is, with a little modification – although we really only have one type as you would know it; well, two, but they are both very much like your A-negative. We can modify most things, but what it adds up to is that we are not going to go looking for problems – we already have enough of them.

We have approximately only five per cent of your male population to work with, notwithstanding health, age, etc. There is a very special, shall I say, ‘X-factor’ which must be brought into this equation, which in fact brings only about one per cent of this already small group into our calculations–that is, if we should require a male to help us. The fact that we are not of the same vibrational plane is the major problem. This is part of that X-factor, and is related to health and disease resistance, biological balance in relation to birth location, previous adaptability tests, and so on and so on.

I cannot begin to explain the complications we have had. It has stretched our technology to its limits and beyond. The end result is what you see before you now. I may look good to you, but I still could not live on your planet without our technology to help me constantly. The bottom line is that the process has been too slow, and up to now has not done the job. At the present rate, it may take more time than we have to spare on our crippled planet! We now need to start taking some risks to speed up the process.”

“What kind of risks?” I asked.

“Well, up until now we have been more concerned with preserving our mind-generated energy distribution abilities – which I don’t expect you to comprehend just yet – but now we need to concentrate on the physical aspects, the strength and endurance, even if we lose a little of the other abilities.”

“Become more like us?” I chimed in again.

“Yes, we must,” Zeena replied. “We already have, as you noticed earlier,” she said, with what almost appeared to be a smile on her face. This was the first hint of an emotion I had seen.

“Now there needs to be a step – a big one – even further down that road. There is a chance for me to become part of that step,” she added. “That is why I wish to ask you more questions about your breeding processes; procreation – would that be a better word for it?”

“You would be surprised at some of the words we use for it,” I replied. “Even I don’t know where some of them come from.”

“I understand it is most primitive and basic in its natural form. It is possible that I may be able to be fertilized and to carry the foetus almost full-term within me. That may not sound much to you, but no female of our race has carried a child within her for many hundreds of thousands of years. The artificial methods we have been using are too slow and hard to change. They may even be impossible to use if we settle on a planet like your Earth.

I have been designed to take the place of what you would call a synthetic birth process. There has been quite some progress just lately. Even a hundred years ago, your time, one of our type could not have interacted with your species on this level. That is how much we have evolved in different directions since the early colonists left your planet. Now we find it necessary to take a step in another direction.”

I noted how she diplomatically skirted the suggestion that they might be going backwards on the evolutionary tree. I could not really understand what knowledge she could want from me, and I doubted there was anything I knew that she did not already know…


February 19, 2020


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