These Positive Affirmations Routines Will Brighten Your Day In Two Minutes Flat


It’s easy to be pulled by outside distractions as soon as you wake up in the morning. Many of us fall into the default routine of heading straight to our phones to consume a wave of information about others’ realities or expectations. But what if you were to wake up, tune into your own energy, and carefully choose your thoughts? When we focus on healthy and attentive morning rituals first thing in the a.m., we set ourselves up for a successful day.

Positive affirmations are powerful tools that can empower your thoughts and your words. They are quick, simple phrases that can add a little routine to hectic mornings.

Be sure to repeat your positive affirmation at least three times in a row (quietly or out loud), and use it in a way that feels right for that particular moment. For example, you can:
• Sit up in bed upon waking and say your positive affirmation.
• Add your positive affirmation to your meditation.
• Repeat it in the shower.
• Focus on the words as you sip your morning drink.

Below are a few powerful positive affirmations to choose from they are inspirational tools to help align our thoughts with our greater purpose on a daily basis. Pick the one that resonates the most, say it with presence, and rotate them as needed.

“I am the weaver of my reality.”

Weaving your reality is a skill that begins on the inside. It’s a creative practice that requires you to be attentive while setting clear intentions. As you repeat this positive affirmation, know that you’re a resilient person weaving your web and writing your own story.

“I am courageous, steady, and strong.”

The outside world can more easily divert our goals when we feel stuck. Pause and call back your strength as you tune into your greater purpose. If you’re lacking confidence or feeling depleted, repeat this positive affirmation and feel your posture shift.

“I welcome clear vision and inspired action.”

When you know what you want, taking inspired steps forward feels effortless. If things are not yet clear, the sincere act of asking and listening will lead you there. When you feel an inner call for clarity and action, repeat this positive affirmation with total trust that the answer is already available to you.

A little focus in your morning routine will ignite a big shift in the rest of your day, especially when you begin with a more conscious inner dialogue. Set up your new morning ritual and give these positive affirmations a go. Make it a daily practice for the next 30 days, and it’s almost guarantee an uplifting shift in your physical and mental posture.


July 7, 2019


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