30th March – The day of firm vision


People born on the date of 30th March are extraordinarily progressive. Sometimes they forget to accord the proper importance of the effect they have on others. Due to this, they can give birth to antagonisms and obstacles which stay in the way of the path to success. In their efforts to fulfill certain personal or social goals, these natives can sometimes record failures, but they remain undaunted. Eventually, this decision will bring them success, although they can obtain recognition later in their life. Those born on this day are preoccupied by their image because they take very seriously the opinions of others about them. This thing can be observed when they are not appreciated. They manifest openly their consternation and pain. Despite all this, failure only increases their determination.
Due to the fact that these natives do things how they want, they manage best as self-employed or working alone. As an employee they are predisposed to conflicts with bosses or work colleagues. If they have the freedom to follow their own dream these conflicts can be avoided. Their mind has a single sense, and the energy is usually orientated just in a single direction.
People born on 30th March are very powerful. It is very hard for them to relax and can exhaust those around them with their irresistible energy. Also, the natives of this day can generate emotional difficulties because of their childish perspectives and sometimes naivety about things. Most often, they are self-taught individuals, because traditional education rarely manages to teach them anything. Fortunately, they have a very clear point of view of what they desire and they have the necessary inspiration to master any technical ability asked for accomplishing a job.
For those natives born today it is very important to have a multitude of friends. When they achieve success, they face with difficulty social contact. Sometimes they yearn for the intimacy which they had before becoming famous and even regret their achievements. Though, eventually, they have no other alternative other than to follow their interior path. 
In relations with others, the natives of 30th March can be extremely strict. People involved in relations with these natives have to be prepared for almost anything. It is indeed very difficult for someone to manage in front of the energy of a person born on 30th March. Probably the best partner for them is a powerful person, but without too many pretentions.
Although the natives born on 30th March are very complex from the emotional point of view, they are loyal in their own way and usually do their utmost to resist alongside their family and friends, at least as much as their personality full of determination allows them.
ADVICE: Be calm. Don’t hurry to give explanations. Avoid conflicts and control your harsh side; learn to be diplomatic.
STRONG POINTS: Determined, vigorous, dreamy
WEAK POINTS: Isolated, rebel
March 2007

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